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You Know Your Selling Process,
but do you know your customer’s buying process? 

You May Not Have the Manpower, Time, or Experience to Lead Your Sales Team
We can mentor, or do it for you 

Does Your Sales Team Rely on You to Solve their Client Issues?
Can a question be the answer to proactive management?

Have Your Clients Become Better Buyers as a Result of Working with You?
Let’s collaborate on cutting-edge ways to add value your competition isn’t doing

What Are the Steps You Take to Prepare?
• For a client
• For an interview
• For a conversation with your manager

Building A Sound Team
from the Bottom Up

From the trenches, to the front lines and all the way to the boardroom — we are here to mentor and assist you with building a successful team. We will rebuild from the bottom up if necessary or we can retool and fix while the plane is in the air.

“If we focus on the success of others, our success will naturally follow.”

– Dennis Chopko

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Client Satisfaction*

*Don’t take my word for it. References available.

Earning the Sale, Proven Sales Processes and Strategies

Providing your leadership team the tools to lead frees up your time, motivates your crew, and builds a stronger company.

We specialize in understanding the buying process, using emotional intelligence, sales training and mentoring, customer service training, one-on-one coaching and are here to help your company or you as an individual achieve your goals.

cold calling training

According to Dartnell Research, 90% of salespeople are finished selling before 80% of potential clients are ready to buy. What does this mean for your company’s lost sales?

“Shawn Hauck came into my life at a time when our business was at a stand still. Our team had gone through many training seminars over the years so I knew we needed someone with fresh perspective and enough of a resume that we could grab and hold the attention of our veteran sales staff. After the first day with Shawn our team had a dramatic shift in their outlook on what they could accomplish with their career. Shawn’s ability to tap into the core values of his students and pull out what has been dormant inside them leaves your team with a new found energy that produces results almost immediately. We had built our business on a straight forward approach to selling and Shawn’s strategies gave us a new formula to be excited about. Since Shawn’s time with us we have seen 15% growth year over year. I would highly recommend Shawn to any business looking to take the next step.”

– Matt Huntingford, Rogers Sports & Media

“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.”

– Derek Bok

Mobile Sales Management & Evolving Business Coaching

Using our customer-focused sales process is key to understanding your client’s needs and how they establish buying criteria, making both parties smarter and more efficient.

We focus on mentoring and onboarding all aspects of Sales Management and Directors, while providing sales capabilities, writing customized trainings in a train the trainer format.

sales coach

“Shawn was able to mentor me in the importance of emotional intelligence, personality profiling, and the art of customer focused relationship sales.  His passionate, energetic, and personal approach to how he coached me shaped my career path to achieve success that I never thought would be possible.  The person I have become both in businesses and in my professional life, I accredit to my time spent learning with Shawn.”

“Shawn’s ability to break down barriers, strategically navigate around ego and blind spots, approach challenging conversations in a non-confrontational manner, and identify important developmental opportunities would benefit any business at any level.  Attending his training sessions left our team motivated, engaged, and opened their eyes to different ways of approaching the many challenges of our business.”

– Nathan Schendel, Van Houtte Coffee Services

“It would seem obligatory to write something positive about working with my husband but to be honest, his course is so completing that I could easily transform from wife to trainee. Shawn has coached me numerous times in highly competitive situations-almost all of which I won. Realtor trainings are a dime a dozen, but this material is a completely different way of looking at sales and like nothing I’ve ever experienced. It also was easy to implement and made me a better human. If you are in any role where you deal with people, you are missing out if you haven’t worked with him.”
– Robyn Hauck

“In this world, you get what you ask for; you just have to ask correctly.”

–Chris Voss

Prepare Like a Professional

Preparation is key — as Benjamin Franklin said “by failing to prepare you are preparing to fail.” We at Tetris Clamar are here to replace fear and hesitation with preparation. We provide personalized services, let us know what you are looking for and we will create a customized plan to meet your needs.

For example, we mentor or conduct:

  • Interviews and year end review preparation
  • Questions to ask your clients
  • Moving the Sale Forward
  • Follow-ups and evaluations
  • Managing Tough Clients
  • Managing your Manager
  • Year-end reviews and much more
Shawn Hauck

“Shawn is an incredibly talented, intuitive, natural coach. His values-centered guidance challenged me to think beyond just “sales” and focus more on building success for the clients. His ability to teach, relate and listen is truly valuable.  In terms of pedigree, he is a successful sales leader who also is trained in negotiations, strategy, sales processes and learning modules. His training program helped me close a 3 million contract.  I’m very grateful to have worked with him and I will continue to work with him throughout my career. I highly recommend his services to anyone who is looking to transform their sales career.”

– Jessica Gilhula, ePac Flexible Packaging

Classroom or Mobile Teaching Options Available

We provide customized classroom and mobile learning opportunities that will equip you with the resources and tools you need to start making positive changes. By taking our courses you’ll be able to better understand your customers by learning how they think. Our focus is to get you where you want, and classroom learning has proven to be a great place to start.


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